PCC Commercial Series

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning helps keep your home cool and reduces humidity levels. By transferring heat from air located inside your home to the outside, conditioned and cooled air is left to be re-circulated. Using electricity as its power source, the compressor inside an air conditioning unit pumps coolant, or refrigerant, back and forth to gather heat and moisture from indoors. Warm air from inside is blown over the cooling coil, which is connected to the compressor, and then pumped back into your home.

The Goodman® PCC Commercial Packaged Air Conditioner features cooling capacities of 86,000 to 116,000 BTUH. This unit allows for over/under or down flow applications. Its control box and compressors are easily accessible from side access panels. The PCC Commercial’s exterior has a powder-paint finish.

J and J Heating and Air Conditioning

Standard Features

  • Dual high-efficiency scroll compressors with internal motor protection (2-stage cooling)
  • Two independent condenser coils for 2-stage operation
  • Compressor grommets for vibration isolation
  • Centrifugal fan for quiet and efficient operation
  • Time delay for compressors sequence
  • Totally enclosed, permanently lubricated outdoor fan motors
  • Fully charged R-22 systems
  • Base rails with fork slots for convenient handling and added rigidity
  • High- and low-pressure controls on all systems
  • Mild ambient switch
  • Expansion valve evaporator coil
  • Belt-driven, variable-pitch sheave permits multi-speed adjustment
  • 20 kW to 40 kW electric heat is available as a field-installed accessory
  • Built-in filter rack holds 2″ filters (filters included)