GHS8 Series 80% AFUE

Gas Furnace

Like heat pumps, furnaces keep your home warm in the winter and serve as an important part of your air conditioning system in the summer. In a furnace, gas or oil is combusted in a burner and then heat produced from that reaction passes through a heat exchanger where it is transferred to the air distribution system. The duct work throughout a home carries and disperses the conditioned air and the flue or vent pipe releases the byproducts, such as carbon dioxide and water vapor, outside the home

The Goodman® GHS8 Single-Stage, Multi-Speed, High Airflow Gas Furnaces feature our patented aluminized-steel tubular heat exchanger and high-efficiency Hot Surface Ignition system. This furnace is completely assembled at our factory and run-tested for heating or combination heating /cooling applications. With a heavy-gauge, reinforced, wrap-around insulated steel cabinet and durable baked enamel finish, these units can be installed in a variety of locations.

J and J Heating and Air Conditioning

Standard Features

  • Corrosion-resistant, aluminized-steel tubular heat exchanger
  • Designed for high air flow, upflow, horizontal right or left installation
  • Energy-saving, reliable Hot Surface Ignition system, featuring a Norton ® Mini-Igniter with patented adaptive learning algorithm to maximize igniter life.
  • Aluminized-steel inshot burners
  • Energy-saving PSC, multi-speed, direct-drive blower motor
  • Quiet, corrosion-resistant, induced-draft blower
  • Integrated furnace control with diagnostics
  • Low-voltage terminal blocks
  • Multiple flame roll-out switches, blower door safety switch, outlet air-limit switch and pressure switch for proof of combustion air
  • 40VA transformer for heating and air conditioning control service
  • Combination redundant gas valve and regulator
  • A rotating combustion air blower that provides the option of venting the furnace through the top, right-hand side or left-hand side
  • Foil-face insulation lines the heat exchanger compartment
  • Coil and furnace fit flush for easy installation
  • Convenient left or right connection for gas and electric service
  • Bottom or side air inlet
  • Removable, solid bottom
  • Heavy-gauge, reinforced, fully insulated steel cabinet with durable, baked-enamel, Architectural Gray paint finish